Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Chelsey The Job Hunter

I am a virgin-blogger. (Embarrassing, but true).

This will be my first time writing, posting and hoping for responses to a blog. My decision to begin this comes with the hope of educating other undergrads, grads and anyone else new to the art of finding your first job.

I have to admit, I've always been cocky about finding a job. I have the experience, due to my school's Co-op program which provided me with full-time, six-month internships in the field in which I want to work. I have the ability to write and communicate in a way that engages my audience and lets them know what I'm trying to say. And I have the ease of human interaction, allowing me to arrive on-site for an interview, with little to no nerves and go on to have a great conversation with my interviewer. Unfortunately, none of this matters right now. It doesn't matter how much experience I have, or how great I am at talking and/or writing. Either no one is hiring, or the people who are hiring aren't hiring me!

So, I've decided to start this blog, to track my progress on the jobsearch front. Hopefully, it will give me and my audience a guide for jobsearching, whether it be things to do or things not to do. You can learn from my accomplishments or my screw ups.

My next posts will talk about what steps I've already taken, interviews I have already gone one, and disappointments I've already encountered (including a horror story or two!)

I'm open to criticism, I'm open to praise, but most of all, I'm open to a job offer!

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