Thursday, May 28, 2009

When Good People Get Knocked Down, They Get Right Back Up On Their Feet

I received an email today from an acquaintance who found a job after enduring a rough search. Here is an excerpt; some inspiration to get you through your own search:

"Just wanted you to know that I enjoyed reading your blog. When looking for a job, there will be times of fear, disappointment and anxiety and yes, I too, could share some disappointing stories with you. When I was looking for a job last year, in the six weeks I was unemployed, I had a total of 4 in-person interviews. At those interviews, I met with either the head of HR or the person who was responsible for the hiring. I believe all interviews went very well, and each person I interviewed with asked me for my availability for the next few days to come back and meet the CEO who I would be working with. My schedule was completely open since I was unemployed. This is a true story, I never heard back from those three firms for the second interview. Why? It's hard to say. For some reason, maybe when the CEO saw that I commuted to NYC, he didn't like that, or who knows. The fourth interview was here where I am now. Keep your chin up. For me, it was unfortunate that I lost my former job I had for 20 years. A good friend at my former job told me, "When good people get knocked down, they get right back on their feet." Good luck to you and I'm certain you will find a good job in the near future."

So today, my search for a job continued in the form of an informational interview. This was one I had been looking forward to for weeks, and it didn't disappoint. I spoke for about an hour with a Senior AE about all things PR related. Everything The Person told me about the firm only made me want to work there more. It was the EXACT place I picture myself working, except for one small problem: NO ENTRY LEVEL POSITIONS AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW! After I received The Person's reply to my thank you note (which should always go out the same day as the interview - thank you "What Color is Your Parachute?") which stated there were no positions, I felt my happiness deflate a little bit, as I had been daydreaming about a sudden magical position opening out of thin air just for me - "I can't believe we forgot but we DO have a Junior Account Coordinator position available and it goes to...... Chelsey!" Obviously, that didn't happen, but maybe one day, right? We have to be optimistic people!

Anyway, tomorrow is a new day, full of new opportunities and new online job postings. And its Friday. (Job searching only requires half of your attention on the weekends, no one checks their email, or if they do, they aren't going to answer you out of the office)

I'm open to criticism, I'm open to praise, but most of all, I'm open to a job offer.

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